Mountain Arts Center Recording Studio

High Fidelity

Sound-controlled panels and solid core doors allow us to capture your every ounce of talent at the highest quality.

Top Gear

Pro gear from Fender, Pearl, Ludwig, Shure, Yamaha, Rode, Sennheiser, AKG and much more back-line the studio.

Easy Unloading

Free parking and loading dock makes loading in and out easy, and the studio is ground-level and ADA accessible.

Mountain Arts Center Recording Studio

The recording studio at the Mountain Arts Center is a top-of-the-line studio with all of the latest professional recording gear. 

Our recording engineers are professionals, and know how to capture the sound you are looking for, while also providing some advice on how you can make the most of your studio time and get the highest quality recording.

The recording studio offers professional equipment including over 50 professional microphones, a solid selection of mic pres/channel strips, professional EQ’s, Limiters, Comps, and Effects. 

The studio also offers professional instruments including Drums from DW, Ludwig, and Truth, and guitar amplifiers from Peavey and Fender.

Single Mic Sessions
Recorded at the Studio

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